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Waterproof flooring works in all homes

If you think that waterproof flooring and WPC flooring is only needed in areas where there is a risk of flooding, we have good news for you. This flooring can easily be placed in any home, in any room, with outstanding results. Not only are they durable, completely impervious to water, and can be placed above or below grade, they also have some of the most amazing designs and styles you could imagine. This means that in addition to complete peace of mind, you’ll have a floor covering you can match to any existing decor scheme.

Discount Flooring & Supply has our customer’s best interests in mind. In fact, if you aren’t happy, we’re not happy, as customer service is our number one priority. Through our extensive line of flooring products and affordable prices, we seek to create repeat customers and referrals, and by inviting you to our Norcross, GA showroom, we hope to do just that. We serve the areas of Norcross, Lawrenceville, Decatur, Buckhead, and Dacula, and we’d love the opportunity to serve you as well.

What you can and can’t do with waterproof flooring

One of the most appealing things about waterproof flooring is that it can easily be installed in any room of your home. While placement in laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens seems to be standard, for obvious reasons, it’s just as well-suited to bedrooms and living rooms. The reason is the extensive material line from which you have to choose. For instance, you can opt for waterproof varieties of luxury vinyl flooring, ceramic and porcelain tile, some natural stone, and even laminate flooring. Each material offers its own waterproof characteristics, so speak with your flooring professional about which suits your very specific needs.
Waterproof flooring in Norcross, GA from Discount Flooring & Supply
In researching the waterproof flooring products available to you, you’re going to run across the term WPC. This literally stands for wood plastic composite and while the word wood is in the name, there are no actual wood products used to create this material. Wood by-products such as wood resin can be used, however, as a binding agent and to create stability in the flooring. It’s very good at resisting water and your flooring professional can give you even more details about these products.

With good looks and plenty of benefits, it’s also good to know that cleaning will be an easy venture as well. Regular cleaning helps keep the surface of your floors looking great for years. Further protection can be found in the strategic placement of area rugs as well.

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